Smith Lighting Supply is known for quality and attention to detail. Using materials to withstand generations, helping to shape modern standards of manufacturing. 

Already experienced chandelier designers for other companies, Smith Lighting Supply launched our own brand in the Ohio and Texas marketplaces to explore the potential of creating the highest quality chandeliers out of a wide variety of materials. Our knowledge of technical issues are considered not only world-class but also backed up by our service and availability to help their customers with any needs. Smith Lighting Supply developed an aesthetic, which has brought them to the attention of a deeply fashionable design crowd. We have re-invented how crystal and hand blown glass can be used, stripping back the old idea of an overburdened chandelier to its essentials, and bringing a fresh, airy, contemporary quality to pristine, classic materials.

In our experiences we have collaborated with many leading designers, architects and lighting planners to develop the most memorable experience for any setting.

  • -One of a kind project based lighting displays.
  • -Our products are designed to fit your exact needs and expectations. 
  • -From sketch, to 3D rendering, to manufacturing.
  • -Chandeliers for public areas, cruise ships and casinos. Our products are built to last and withstand all types of environments. 
  • -We keep up to date with all technologies to offer customers the limit on possibilities. 

Smith Lighting Supply and our partners manufacture with only the best crystal, Murano glass, hand blown glass, alabaster, metal, silicon, wood or silk available. 

All metal work is done in brass, bronze, 1000 series grade Aluminium (exceptional resistance to corrosion caused by both chemicals and the atmosphere) or stainless steel for large fixtures. We can do all kinds of surface finishing such as gold, nickel, chrome, electroplating, antique finishes, burnished metals, powder coatings, matte finish colors etc... We select the best materials and pay attention to every single detail in the build process resulting in chandeliers that garner compliments forever and last a lifetime.

Smith Lighting Supply develops renderings almost daily for clients in an effort to find the perfect solution for every need. 

We do not only manufacture our own designs but we also work with other designers to bring projects the best quality and attention possible. This means the most convenient and beautiful solution within the restraints of your budget. It goes without saying that we are also able to design and produce chandeliers in every classification from classic to modern, or even traditional Arabian to mid-century colonial America styles.

Smith Lighting Supply designers and builders have over 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing prestigious, custom-made lighting fixtures for commercial and residential settings. These settings include hotels, casinos, conference centers and cruise ships, as well as private homes. 

We offer customized services to suit our clients' needs. These include comprehensive designs and production packages as well as individual services such as conceptual design, technical drawings, manufacturing, and on-site installation supervision. In addition to designing and manufacturing new products, our company uses the unique knowledge and expertise of our in-house specialists to repair and restore chandeliers to their original glamour. 

We are a small, tight-knit group of leading-edge designers and creative specialists making beautiful and inspired custom lighting pieces for a wide range of clients needs. We are a fast-moving and industry-leading design studio and manufacturing center with high growth potential and an established worldwide presence.